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Broccoli Green Goliath

Large, firm dark green heads in early summer, followed by numerous side shoots continuing past freeze up.

Cabbage - Copenhagen Market

A mid-season cabbage with firm, round heads weighing about 4 #. Stores well.

Cabbage - Jersey Wakefield

A very early summer cabbage with conical heads, about 2#. Dark green leaves. Quite sweet.

Cabbage - Red Acre

Globe shaped, hard, deep red heads, resistant to splitting. 2 - 4#.

Cabbage - Stonehead

An early variety with round, rock solid heads that resist bursting. 

3 - 4#

Cauliflower - Early Snowball

A heritage variety that produces medium, solid, white heads,with long leaves to protect from yellowing. Very early.

Cauliflower - Graffiti

A stunning, mid-sized cauliflower with heads the deepest shade of intense purple, a colour that is even retained when cooked. Tender texture and mild flavour is equally superb, raw or cooked.

Has long wrapping leaves for good head protection. Mid-season.

Cauliflower - Veronica

Unusual lime- green, spiked Italian cauliflower with a distinctive nutty taste. Grown as a fall crop, it withstands heavy frosts better than other cauliflowers.

Celery - Golden Self-Blanching

An heirloom variety,producing heavy, tender, crisp stalks. It is a pale green color, and does not need to be trenched.


Deep green, mild-tasting leaves are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Withstands frost in the fall.

Cucumber - Bush Pickling

Medium green 4" - 5" fruit on compact bush-type vines.A prolific producer.


Cucumber - Straight 8

Popular early,slicing cucumber. Produces large amounts of smooth, straight, 8" dark green fruit over a long period. Good for fresh eating or pickling.

Cucumber - Sweet Slice

 A long green, sweet, thin-skinned, burpless variety. About 10" long.

Eggplant - Cloud 9

Good yields of pure white bitter-free teardrop-shaped fruit, borne on large 4' high plants. Best flavor if harvested at 7" long.

Eggplant - Black Beauty

This heirloom variety sets the standard for large eggplants. It produces large, glossy black, elongated fruit on large bushy plants.

Eggplant - Listada di Gandia

A gorgeous Spanish heirloom. 5"-8" long teardrop-shaped fruit, with creamy white markings on a purple background. Firm and delicious. Heavy yielding, compact plants.

Eggplant - Rosa Bianca

A mid-season heirloom from Italy. 3 - 4" by 5",  2 - 4# fruit. White with lavender streaks. Narrow at the top and widening downwards in folds.

Eggplant - Twinkle

A small eggplant on a compact plant. Twinkle produces beautiful plum colored fruit streaked with silver. It has fantastic firmness and flavor.

Eggplant - Vittoria

Dark purple, extra-long, tear-drop Italian eggplant. Can be picked when small or allowed to mature to 10" in length. Early and vigorous.


Kale - Curly Green

Decorative, curled medium green leaves, high in vitamins. Can be eaten raw or cooked. Continues to produce after fall frost.

Kale Redbor

Dramatic deep, reddish-purple kale. The first truly frilly purple kale, whose color intensifies with cooler weather. A good ornamental plant and perfect for gourmet garnishes. Turns green when cooked.


Smooth, sweet white flesh and light green skin.

Leaf Lettuce - Black Seeded Simpson

An heirloom variety. The earliest leaf lettuce, with loose, light green, crinkly leaves that retain their crisp, tender eating qualities better than other leaf varieties. Stays bitter-free even in hot weather.

Lettuce - Romaine

10 - 12" heads of dark green leaves with a creamy white heart. Slow to bolt.



Pepper - Big Bertha

Very large thick-walled,4-lobed fruit, 4" in diameter and 8" long. Bears continuously all summer. Turns from glossy green to red as it matures.

Pepper - California Wonder

Medium 4" fruits with thick fleshy walls and mild flavor. Ripens to red if the season is long enough.

Pepper - Caribbean Red
Scotch Bonnet or Habanero Chili

The hottest pepper we can grow in Canada. An early-maturing Habanero type with a rating of over 400,000 Scovilles. Produces many small 1-2" peppers that mature from light green to red. The plants are compact.

Pepper - Cayenne

A long, slim, very hot, pepper, turning from green to red as it matures. Abundant production.

Pepper - Hungarian Hot Wax

A 6"-8" long banana-shaped, waxy pepper that ripens from pale yellow to bright red. Medium hot. Used for stuffing, frying, or pickling. An early, abundant producer. Full sun. 

Pepper - Jalapeno

A 3" long, blunt tipped hot pepper.

Pepper - King of the North

The best red bell pepper for short season climates. Sweet, blocky, uniform fruit.

Pepper - Quadrato Asti Giallo

A large, squarish lobed bell pepper from Italy. Thick, crisp flesh with sweet, spicy, flavour. Turns from green to golden-yellow as it ripens.

Pepper- -Garden Salsa

Tapered, 8" long, medium hot pepper, ideal for Mexican dishes. Highly productive.

Spaghetti Squash

Produces constant yields of light yellow, oblong, 4-5# squash on large, vigorous vines. When cooked, the pulp separates into spaghetti-like strands that can be served as a pasta substitute.

Swiss Chard - Rainbow
5-Coloured Silverbeet

An ornamental mix of yellow, pink, white, and red stalks with bright green leaves. Excellent addition to a flower garden, and perfect for salad blends.

Zucchini - Black

A standard dark green summer squash,producing high yields of cylindrical fruits on bushy plants.

Zucchini - Gold Rush

An early, bright yellow zucchini with creamy flesh and fine flavor. A heavy producer, on a dwarf plant.