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Almost all heirloom tomatoes are indeterminate. If you save the seed from a ripe heirloom tomato & plant it out the next year you should get a tomato plant that is just like the parent.

  • Indeterminate – these continue to produce fruit for several weeks on long vines
  • Determinate – shorter vines & will ripen all at once…

Mid-season. A rare and beautiful Russian Heirloom tomato. Flattish, large, bright yellow 3" fruits have a sweet citrusy flavour. The nice, tart taste is not the typical mild flavour of other yellow tomatoes but more like a really good red tomato.

Banana Legs


An early, determinate variety that produces loads of mildly flavoured, 4" elongated, yellow fruit.

Baxter's Bush

Early. Tasty and firm 1" cherry. Vigorous and prolific. Determinate plants. No staking needed.


Mid-season. A large, red, juicy, rich-flavored tomato. Reliably high yields.

Big Rainbow

Mid-season. Large, delicious, and sweet. a pretty, yellow tomato with red neon streaking.

Black Cherry

Large, sprawling vigorous vines yield clusters of exotic-looking 1" fruits, round, with black skin and dusky red flesh. Sweet, rich, smoky flavour. Early to mid-season. Definitely a customer favourite.


Black Giant

An heirloom from the Baltic region of Europe. Dark purple - black, beefsteak - shaped fruits with rich, juicy flavour. Medium to large sized, 6-12 oz.


Black Krim

Late. Dark, meaty tomato. Grows large fruit even under dry conditions. Smoky,salty flavor. Very productive.

Black Sea Man

Small plants with medium-sized, deep-brown, round fruit shaded with olive-green. Amazing flavour.

Bonny Best

Mid-season. Great flavor. Produces a heavy yield of medium sized fruits.

Chadwick's Cherry

Early. 1" round, red tomatoes borne in clusters of 6. Large prolific plants require staking.

Cherokee Purple

Late. Unique dusky rose color with a sweet, rich smoky flavor. A heavy producer of large fruit. Withstands dry conditions well.

Costoluto Fiorentino

Mid-season. An old Italian heirloom from Tuscany with heavily ribbed, shiny, red, dense, meaty fruits. Outstanding taste. The perfect balance of sugar and acid  makes it ideal for saucing and for salads.

Gardener's Delight

Mid-season. A large, red cherry with sweet, tangy flavor. Heavy yields on a large plant.


Early. Terrific flavor. A reliable producer of medium sized tomatoes. Cool hardy.

Isis Candy Cherry

Produces a delightful 1" round, cherry tomato, yellow with red tinge and marbling. Gold flesh. Has a candy sweet fruity taste.

Japanese Black Trifele

This tomato is actually from Russia, despite the name. One of the best black tomatoes. High yields of rich - flavoured, blemish - free fruits, the size of a bartlett pear.


Early. Tasty, small, highly productive tomato, ideal for a short growing season. Semi-determinate.


Mid-season. A fairly compact plant with 3' vines. Ripens most of its fruit all at once. Good crops of medium round red fruits. Developed for prairie conditions.

Mexican Red Grape

A tasty red grape from open pollinated red grape tomatoes from Mexico. Small, bright red, and delicious.

Mid - season.


Mid-season. An old English heirloom. Produces flavorful, intensely red globes.

Mortgage Lifter

Early. Large, smooth, meaty, red beefsteak-type slicer with great flavour and few seeds. Plants are vigorous, highly productive and disease-resistant.

Mountain Gold

Mid-season. Beautiful 4" round orange fruits with a mild sweet flavor. Resists cracking. Above average yields.


A long-vined plant that produces large, deep scarlet fruit with a unique flavor. From the Himalayas.


Late. A medium sized cluster tomato with a deep red/black color. Meaty and flavorful with a somewhat longer lifespan than most tomatoes.

Old Brook

Early. One of the earliest full sized tomatoes. Large 1# fruit is delicious and juicy. Resistant to blossom end rot and blight.

Old Flame

Late. Large,( up to 1#) bi-colour fruit ripens to a sunny yellow shot through with rose-red. Beautiful effect when sliced. Low acid, sweet, mild flavour. Compact, very productive plants.


Originally from Poland. Long, solid, meaty, 9 - 11 oz. fruits resemble red banana peppers. Excellent for sauces, pastes, and fresh eating. Sweet, rich flavour. Long vines.

Late season.

Osu Blue

Early, productive plants produce lovely, 2" tomatoes that ripen from green to deep blue to reddish blue. Not technically an heirloom, this tomato was developed at Oregon State University (hence, the name OSU), by crossing a red tomato with a wild Peruvian tomato. It is an open-pollinated plant so the seed can be saved.


Mid-season. Large, solid, pink, heart-shaped fruit weighing up to 2# with few seeds, and sweet flavor. 3' vines.

Peking Panda

Early. A delightful, tasty, little, yellow pear tomato. Prolific producer.


Mid-season. Compact 3' plant is loaded with large pinkish fruit. Very productive.

Pruden's Purple

Mid-season. Medium to large dark reddish purple fruits. Juicy and tasty. Excellent producer.

Purple Prince

Medium - sized, dark red to brown in color, round to oblong in shape. Great flavour and excellent yield. Resists cracking. From Siberia.

Mid - season.

Purple Russian

From the Ukraine. Produces a high yield of 4" elongated plum tomatoes, mealy with a rich, sweet taste.

Red Brandywine

Late. A famous Amish heirloom with large beefsteak type fruits up to 1#. The winner of many taste tests, with a bright tangy flavor. Not a heavy producer.


Mid-season. A quality paste variety with thick flesh and few seeds in a 2-3" plum shape. Great for sauces and drying. A prolific producer.

San Marzano

Mid-season. The original Italian paste tomato. A heavy producer of meaty fruits ideal for canning, saucing, or drying.

Silvery Fir

Mid-season. From Russia. An ornamental plant with attractive, feathery, carrot-type leaves. Determinate, growing only 2' high makes it well suited for containers. Produces a large crop of tangy, 2-4", red fruit.

Striped German

Mid-season. Gorgeous bicolored 1- 2 # fruits with superb flavor. Marbled red, yellow, and orange.


From Czechoslovakia. Famous for being the earliest tomato of all and continuing to produce large crops all season. The red juicy fruits have excellent flavour for fresh eating. Long vines.


Early. Smooth, round, yellow fruits on highly productive plants. Medium to large sized. A mild low-acid tomato.