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Gray, Saskatchewan


Achillea - The Pearl

Double white flowers on dark green foliage. First year blooming. A good cut flower.

30" high.

Full sun.


Blooms continuously through summer and fall, umbels of tiny pinkish flowers surrounded by papery bracts that make them ideal for dried flower arrangements. 1'-3' tall, 1'-2' wide. Likes medium to wet conditions and full to part sun.

Aubretia - Rock Cress

Low, spreading, semi-evergreen plants, covered with small brightly coloured flowers of purples, pinks, and white, blooming in the spring. Typically used for rock gardens or ground covers. It likes full sun and will thrive in poor soil as long as it is well-drained. Prune back after blooming to prevent the plants from becoming leggy.

Baptista Australis
False Blue Indigo

A native American wildflower and winner of the 2005 "Perennial of the Year" award. Spikes of Lupin-like flowers in late spring are followed by large, inflated nearly black seed pods, creating extended interest. Low maintenance. Attractive to butterflies and bumblebees.

3-6' high x 1-3' wide.

Likes hot, sunny areas with average to poor soil and dry to medium dry conditions.

Blue Fescue Grass


Dense mounded clumps of blue gray foliage. 12" high.

Sun or part sun.

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Butterfly Delphinium

Open sprays of brilliant blue flowers June - Sept.

24" - 30" high.

Grows in full or part sun.

Campanula Glomerata
Clustered Bellflower

A long-lived hardy perennial that forms a low-growing mound of leaves which, in early summer, sends up 20" stems topped with glistening clusters of the deepest purple flowers. It has a long blooming period, and makes a good cut flower. Bees and butterflies love it. After blooming has ended it looks better if the spent flower stalks are cut off. This plant may self-seed, but I haven't found it to be invasive.

Campanula Rotundifolia
Scottish Bluebells or Harebells

An easy to grow wildflower. Paper-thin, bell-shaped blooms appear either singly or in clusters, on slender stems reaching to 12", from early spring to fall. The most common colour is blue but they can also be white or pink. 12-18" tall. Will grow in full or part sun, in any kind of soil. Drought tolerant once established.

Chinese Lantern

Popular for the papery, bright orange lantern pods that develop from  small white flowers that emerge in mid summer. These lantern are useful for dried arrangements. May self seed.

24" high and wide.

Full sun.

Chrysanthemum - Silver Princess
Shasta Daisy

A dwarf version of the classic garden plant. Medium sized white flowers cover the plant in early summer.

12" - 16" tall.

Prefers full sun.

Clematis - Herbaceous

A bushy shrub growing 4' high, 3' wide. Has blue bell - shaped flowers June to Aug. which bees really enjoy, followed by fluffy silky seed pods.

Full or part sun.


Nodding, exquisite blooms held high above delicate foliage. Flowers come in many combinations of bold colors and bicolors.

30" high.

Prefers shade or semi shade.

Culver's Root

A native wildflower, 3' - 6' tall with elegant white flower stalks June through Aug.

Full sun.

Dame's Rocket

An old-fashioned flower worth growing for its sweet fragrance alone. A biennial or short-lived perennial that will self-seed. An erect, branching plant up to 4" tall and 18" wide with loose umbels of showy, long-lasting, 4-petaled lavender blooms in late spring and early summer. Likes moist conditions in full to part sun.

Delphinium Pacific Giants

A tall border plant with large, double, frilled blooms in colors of dark blue, lavender, white, sky blue, and pink. 

5' high.

Prefers full sun but will tolerate part shade.

Dianthus - Telstar

Dwarf mounding plants produce masses of red, pink, white, carmine and picotee blooms throughout the season. Can be grown as either an annual or perennial.

8" tall.

Full sun or part shade.



Whorls of white, cream, pink, and purple flowers with internal speckles. 4' - 5' tall when blooming. Blooms June - Aug. in second year.

Sun or part sun.

Purple coneflower


 Dark rose colored blooms from mid summer to frost. Approx. 3' tall.

Prefers full sun.

Echinacea - Pow Wow Wild Berry

AAS award winner 2010. A compact, basal-branching plant, loaded with intense neon rose blooms that are non-fading and don't need deadheading. Attracts bees and butterflies. Hardy to Zone 3. Full sun. 20"-24" tall, 12"-16" wide.




Mauve flowers on strong stems that last well in bouquets. A native flower, 24" - 30" tall, blooming June - Aug.

Full or part sun.


Gaillardia - Arizona Apricot

An AAS winner. A compact plant with new, uniquely colored daisy-like blooms. The flowers have a yellow edge, deepening to a rich apricot centre. Free-flowering and drought tolerant once established.

12" high.

Prefers full sun.

Gaillardia - Goblin

Daisy-like flowers of deep red edged with yellow. Blooms vigorously on mounded foliage from June to frost.

12-18" high.

Full sun to part shade.

Gaillardia - Arizona Sun

A 2005 A.A.S. winner. A low, compact, mounding plant  that blooms profusely over a long season. 3-4" daisy-like flowers, mahogany red tipped with gold attract butterflies. 10" tall. Needs full sun and will tolerate moderate drought.

Geum - Mrs. Bradshaw

Double scarlet red blooms on long stems all summer.

18" - 24" high.

Prefers full sun.

Baby's Breath

Branching plants with sprays of small, single and double, white flowers. Excellent for bouquets and drying.


Full sun.

Gypsophila - Filou Pink

A first-year blooming groundcover that is also suitable for containers. Dainty, pale pink flowers cover the plants from June -Sept. Full sun. 6" tall.



Tall old fashioned garden plant with beautiful, single or double flowers. A biennial that self seeds.

6' - 7' high.

Full sun.  

Hollyhock - Jet Black

The sought-after single black Hollyhock, with striking blooms of deepest maroon-black. Full sun. 72" high.

Hollyhock - Halo Mix

New for 2012. A tall English-bred mix of brightly bi-colored single flowers that sparkle in the garden.

Inula Magnifica

A large herbaceous perennial growing up to 6' high. Thick stems support 12" leaves, and yellow, daisy-like flowers appear in mid-summer. Likes moist conditions, and full to part sun.

Jerusalem Sage

A shrubby plant with pink flowers that cluster in rings around the stems. Blooms June - Aug.

3' - 4' high and wide.

Full sun.


Lupins - Russell

A tall plant with gorgeous spikes in shades of blue, purple, red, white, yellow, and bicolors. Likes cool moist areas.

30" - 36" high.

Full sun.


Maltese Cross

Bright scarlet flowers in the shape of a cross appear in June and July.

24" - 36" high.

Full sun.

Pansy - Swiss Giants

A large flowered mix with a wide color range. Graceful velvety blooms all season on compact plants. Often grown as an annual but can over winter.

6" - 10" high and wide.

Prefers cool weather and semi shade, but can tolerate sun or shade.


Penstemon - Cambridge mix

Flower spikes in pink, blue and purple stand above compact, gray-green foliage. Will bloom the first year.

18" high.

Sun to part shade.

Persicaria Poymorpha
Giant White Fleeceflower

A plant that knows how to make a statement! A huge, shrub-like clumping perennial that dies back each winter but quickly regrows to a height of 5'-6', and a width of 4'-5'. In early June, masses of large, fluffy, creamy-white, astilbe-like blooms appear, continuing until the end of July, when they begin to fade to an attractive tan colour. The leaves are dark green, lance-shaped and slightly serrated. This plant loves full sun but will tolerate part shade. It would be useful as a background, a screen, a hedge, or a specimen plant.

Poppy - Oriental Mixed

A mixture of huge, brilliantly coloured, single flowers on long stems, blooming May-July. 36" tall. Full sun.

Prairie Coneflower - Mexican Hat

A native wildflower. Red and yellow petals with a long dark center cone. Blooms July - Aug.

36" high.

Full sun.

Rose Campion

A branched plant with silvery green foliage, and bright  fushia single flowers, June - Aug.

24" high.

Full sun. Loves hot, dry areas.

Rudbeckia - Indian Summer

An All American winner. Large single and semi-double blooms up to 7" across in shades of gold, bronze and maroon. Flowers mid-summer to frost.

36" high.

Full sun.

Salvia - Blue Queen
Perennial Sage

Purple-blue flower spikes June-Sept.

24" tall

Full sun.


A profusion of tiny rose pink flowers is produced all season if plant is regularly deadheaded. A compact trailing plant.

8" - 10" high.

Sun or part sun.


Sea Holly


Has unique steely blue flowers with pincushion centres that can be dried. Blooms July to frost. 18" - 36".

Full sun.


A native perennial, 3'-4' high that blooms in late summer. The dramatic bright yellow flowers are arranged into pointed clusters. A favourite with bees and butterflies. Full sun.

Yarrow - Red - Summerwine

A nearly no-maintenance perennial for dry, sunny areas. Clusters of deep wine-red racemes that slowly fade to pink or mauve appear in mid-summer and continue through fall frosts. The feathery, green-gray foliage is aromatic, making this an even more appealing cut-flower.

Yellow Clematis

 A vigorous vine with nodding, yellow lantern-shaped flowers from July - Sept. followed by fluffy seed pods that hold interest through the winter.

10' tall, climbing.

Sun or part shade.