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Basil - Genovese

Large dark green leaves with a strong clove-like scent. The preferred variety for Italian pesto.



Basil - Italian Large Leaf

A large plant, 24"-32" high, with the largest leaves of any Basil, up to 4" long. The leaves are medium green, very aromatic with a sweet, spicy flavour.

Basil - Sweet

Common large leaf basil with a sweet flavor.

18" high.


Basil - Thai
Siam Queen

A licorice flavored basil indispensable in Thai cuisine.purple stems and flowers and medium sized dark green leaves.

12" high.



A 1' - 2' plant with large fuzzy leaves and blue flowers loved by bees. Both leaves and flowers can be used in salads and drinks. An annual that may self - seed.

Full sun.


A perennial, self seeding plant with a pleasant fragrance, particularly appealing to cats. Soft gray-green leaves.

18" high.

Sun, shade or part shade.


Bunching dark green stalks with a mild onion flavor, and attractive purple flowers. Perennial.

12" high.

Sun or part sun.


Widely used in Latin and Asian cuisine where the leaves give fresh flavor, and the seeds (coriander) are ground into spice for curries.

24" high.


Fennel - Smokey Bronze

Red tinged foliage with a delicate, ferny growth habit that makes it an attractive accent plant or a beautiful filler in bouquets. It has yellow dill-like flowers. The foliage has a licorice taste and can be cooked or eaten raw. It produces a tap root, not a bulb, unlike other fennel varieties.

4' - 5' high.


Greek Oregano

A sweet, spicy white-flowered oregano, popular in tomato dishes. Perennial.

9" high.


Korean Mint

A perennial herb with dark green glossy leaves and blue - mauve flower spikes from July to Oct. It has a licorice - mint flavour and can be used for teas, sachets, and potpouris. This plant is very attractive to bees.

24" - 36".

Full sun.


Lavender is popular for its distinctive aroma, useful in sachets, potpouri, and essential oils. It is edible and can be used in teas and cooking. It has long stems, spiky purple flowers, and delicate leaves. A half-hardy perennial.

10" - 16" high.

Sun. Loves hot, dry conditions.

Lemon Balm

A fresh lemon scent that can be added to tea and insect repellants.

24" high.



Finely, double curled, medium green leaves on long stems. A flavorful seasoning and garnish.

12" high.



Leaves are used for teas, garnishes, aromatic oils. Perennial.

12" high.

Sun, shade, or part shade.



A richly aromatic herb used in cooking and for adding flavor to oils and dressings. Can be grown as an annual or wintered indoors.

12" - 20" high.

Sun. Likes hot, dry areas.

Russian Tarragon

A hardy, vigorous perennial, growing to 4' high, with narrow, spiky leaves and small greeny-yellow flowers.Though not as strongly flavoured as the French variety, the mild leaves can be used in salads and cooking. The stems can be cooked as a substitute for asparagus. This herb has many medicinal qualities as well, and has been used to balance insulin levels, cleanse the blood and aid digestion among other things.

It prefers poor soil, and tolerates drought and neglect. Full to part sun.


Perennial. Has gray-green velvety leaves and spiky mauve flowers. Dries well. Used in cooking.

28" high.



A refreshing, aromatic herb used for tea, garnishes, and oils. Sweeter than peppermint. Perennial.

12" high.

Sun, shade, or part shade.


A native, South American plant, grown as a healthy, no-calorie sweetener for cooking and beverages. The leaves are 30-45 times sweeter than sugar. They can be used fresh, dried, or made into an extract. The plant is not frost tolerant but can be grown indoors under lights or in full sun. Prefers, rich, well-drained soil and regular watering.

Sweet Marjoram

A sweet, mild, oregano-like flavor, for salads and cooking.

12" high.



A hardy perennial used fresh or dried to season soups, sauces, and salads.

12" high.


Thyme - Creeping

This low growing, spreading thyme can be used as an edging, in rock gardens, or between stepping stones. Mauve blooms in early summer. The rich, scented leaves can be used in cooking.