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Marion Bueche
(306) 738-4905

Box 63
Gray, Saskatchewan


African Daisy

Large daisy flowers in shades of yellow and orange.

Grows 12" to 18" high.

Prefers full sun or light shade.

Easter Basket Mix, Rosie O'Day, Snow Crystals, Crystal Purple

Small, fragrant flowers on compact plants, blooming all season.

Grows 4" - 6" high.

Sun or light shade.

Amaranthus - Hot Biscuits

Rusty orange spikes on tall plants.

4' - 5' tall.

Full sun.

Amaranthus Tricolor
Summer Poinsietta, Joseph's Coat

Striking yellow, red and green foliage. Grows 3' - 4'. Leaves are edible, either raw or steamed. 

Prefers full sun.

Amaranthus - Early Splendour


Deep bronze foliage topped with brilliant crimson from early summer until frost. 30"tall.

Full sun or light shade.

Amaranthus - Green Tails

The green - roped version of Love Lies Bleeding.

3' tall.

Prefers full sun.

Amaranthus - Illumination

Fiery colour throughout most of the season. Tall, sturdy columns have bright green leaves below a dense mass of vibrant gold and crimson foliage. 4' tall. Loves full sun and dry conditions.

Amaranthus - Love Lies Bleeding

A unique plant with trailing ropes of red flowers.

3' high.

Full sun.

Amaranthus - Velvet Curtains


A bushy upright plant with long dark crimson leaves and long purple pendant plumes. 40" high x 36" wide.

Likes sun.

Ammi Laceflower
Bishop's Weed

Fine feathery foliage with loose flower heads that resemble Queen Anne's Lace. A good filler in bouquets.

30" tall. 

Likes full sun.


Angel Hair Grass

The finest textured of all grasses. Delicate hair-like filaments billow in the breeze. Loves sun. 24" tall, 12"-18" wide.

Aster - Meteor Violet Blue

Large, beautiful violet-blue blooms on thick, long stems, ideal for cutting, mid-summer to fall. Prefers full sun but will tolerate part shade.


Aster - Nova Mix

A large-needled variety for cutting. Double flowers in a 9 color variety.

28" tall.

Full or part sun.

Aster -Super Princess mix

A 7 color mix of large 3" flowers on long stems, perfect for cutting. Blooms from Aug. to frost.

30" high.

Full or part sun.


Bacopa - Snowtopia and Bluetopia

A popular container plant, used as a filler and trailer. I have both a white and blue variety. Blooms all season.

4" - 6" high and 12" wide.

Sun or part sun.

Balsam - Topknot Mix

Compact variety with double blooms held well above the foliage.

Comes in an assortment of colors - red, pink, white, purple, lilac.

20" tall.

Sun or part shade.

Bells of Ireland

Interesting plants with spikes of large green bell-shaped flowers. Fragrant and excellent for cutting.


Full sun.


Brachycome - Splendor White
Swan River Daisy

Fragrant daisy-like flowers of white with yellow centers bloom all summer from June through Sept. but will do better if deadheaded. The leaves are ferny, narrow, green or bluish-gray. Perfect for containers and hanging baskets, borders, or rock gardens. 10"-18". Needs rich soil and hot, dry conditions.

Browallia - Marine Bells

A great filler and trailer in containers. Beautiful blue bell flowers all summer.


Prefers full or part shade.

Browallia Silver Bells
Bush Violet

10"-12" plant with white star-shaped flowers that blooms continuously all season until frost. Prefers a sheltered, shady spot.

Bunny Tails Grass

An ornamental grass with attractive silky plumed heads.

12" high.

Sun .

Cardinal Climber

Feathery foliage with tubular, bright red flowers.

Climbing to 10' with support.

Full sun.

Carnation - Dwarf Fragrance

Exquisitely perfumed, double blooms in a wide range of shades, on sturdy 12" plants. Excellent cut flower. Prefers full sun.

Carnation - Picotee Fantasy

A novelty mix of fragrant, striped and streaked double blooms for gardens or containers. An excellent cut flower.

24" tall.

Prefers full sun.

Celosia - Chinatown Red

Vibrant red spiky flowers above dark purple foliage. Blooms all season. 14" - 16" high and 8" wide.

Likes full sun and can withstand hot, dry conditions.

Pride of Gibralter

An exotic looking plant. Fleshy, dark foliage with hanging, purple, bell shaped flowers.

36" high

Full sun.

Cleome -Color Fountain Mix
Spider Flower

A tall, background garden plant with 6" flower heads in shades of pink, purple and white, attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds. 

36-40" tall.

Sun or semi-shade.

Cloud Grass

A light, airy grass whose star-shaped panicles produce cloud effects. A graceful, delicate accent in beds or containers. Can be used in fresh and dried arrangements.

12" - 18" high.

Full sun. Heat and drought tolerant.

Coleus - Wizard Mix

A dwarf coleus  in a range of bright colors.

10" high.

Prefers full to part shade.

Cosmos - Candy Stripe

A colorful garden plant and cut flower that attracts bees and butterflies. The flowers are white with rose edges and striping.

3-6' tall.

Full sun.

Cosmos - Sensation

Spectacular free flowering plants with giant single blooms in pink or white.

44" tall.

Sun or part sun.

Cosmos - Snow Puff


Double, snowy white blossoms with tubular petals. Blooms all summer until frost. A lovely cut flower.

36" high.

Full sun.

Dahlia - Colarette

Sensational blooms on compact plants. Flowers have contrasting, multi-colored petals and rays.

20" - 24" high

Full or part sun.

Dahlia - Figaro

Semi-dwarf mounding plants for borders or containers. Produce masses of cheerful double blooms in shades of red, orange, yellow, pink and white.

14-18" high x 10-12" wide.

Full sun to part shade.

Dahlia - Showpiece Mix

A tall cutting mix in a wide range of colors with double or semi-double 3" blooms.

48" high

Decorative Oregano

An aromatic,inedible oregano with pretty pinkish bracts resembling hops, and heart-shaped, pale, blue-green leaves. It has a cascading habit and makes a good filler for containers or a rock garden ground cover.8" high. Likes full to part sun and cooler temperatures to intensify the pink coloration.

Dianthus - Strawberry Super Parfait

An improved variety for outstanding all summer blooms. Flowers are white with a red eye.


Full to part sun.


A 2006 AAS winning basket filler. Delicate sprays of small orchid-like flowers trail over the edges of pots all summer.

10" high and 16" wide.

Sun or part sun.

Euphorbia - Snow on the Mountain

A striking contrast plant with bicolor leaves, white edging on green. tolerates heat and dry conditions. Provides long lasting foliage in cut flower arrangements. 24" high.

Gaillardia - Plume Red

A dwarf, annual Gaillardia that is wind, drought, and heat tolerant. Compact, bushy plants covered with large, fluffy brick-red flowers attractive to butterflies. Ideal for pots. 12"high.

Gazania - Big Kiss White Flame

Huge daisy-like flowers with red and white stripes on low mounding plants.

8" - 10" tall.

Likes full sun and hot, dry conditions.


Gazania - Big Kiss Yellow Flame

Yellow and red striped daisy-like flowers on low mounding plants that bloom non-stop all season.

8" - 10" tall.

Likes hot, dry, sunny conditions.

Gazania - Rose Shades

Decorative silvery foliage contrasts with vivid pink to magenta-rose blooms with yellow centres. Mounding 8"-10" plants. Likes full sun and dry conditions

Gazania - Sunshine Mix

A large long-blooming mix of colors and bicolors. 9" high.

Loves full sun and dry conditions.

Gazania = Lemon Shades


Gorgeous lemon-yellow, daisy-like flowers with golden centres bloom on compact, mounded plants. 8"-10'. Loves hot sun and dryer conditions.

German Ivy

A quick growing trailer for hanging baskets or trellises. Grown for its attractive dark green foliage.


Double and semidouble azalea-like flowers in pink, white, red, and purple. Prefers a cool location and poor soil. 

18" high.

Sun or part sun.

Gomphrena - Audray Rose Bicolor

A new series with longer stems for cut flowers. The lilac pink blooms with their white centres will keep coming until frost. Useful as a dried flower.

24" tall.

Full sun. Will tolerate drought.

Gomphrena - Fireworks

I am so excited to have finally found seeds for this plant, after a 5-year search. Not an ordinary Gomphrena, it is large, 3'-4' high and wide with long stems and not much foliage. The blooms are a spectacular hot, iridescent pink, tipped with neon yellow, appearing profusely until frost. Perfect as a cut flower or dried. Can be used in containers or at the back of borders. A tough plant, thriving in drought, heat, and poor soil.


Stiff double flowers in a rich assortment of colors used for cutting and drying.

36" tall.

Full sun.

Helichrysum - Silver Mist
Licorice Plant

Finely textured silver foliage makes this a beautiful accent plant for mixed containers and groundcovers. It has a full mounded, spreading habit, growing 6"-8" high and 18"-24" wide. Full sun.


Produces fragrant deep purple flower clusters with a vanilla scent.

16" tall.

Sun or part sun.

Hyacinth Bean Vine

A fast-growing climber. Purple and white bi-colored flowers, green-tinged purple foliage and velvety purple seed pods. Edible.

10' high.

Full sun.

Impatiens - Mosaic Mix

An award winning 5 - color mix of unusual mottled flowers. For borders, mass plantings and baskets.

8-10" high and wide.

Full to part shade.


A new trailing Impatiens for shady containers or beds. One plant grows to the size of 3 regular Impatiens. Vigorous grower.

Violet, Salmon, Rose Star, or White available.

Annual Delphinium

Grown for it's elegant flower spikes in shades of pink, purple and white. An excellent cut or dried flower. 3" - 4" high.

Prefers full sun but tolerates part shade.

Lavatera - Silver Cup

This plant produces mounds of lush foliage and a profusion of rose-pink, darkly veined, funnel-shaped flowers.

3' high.

Full sun.

Lavatera - Mont Blanc

A bushy plant with stunning pure white  single flowers. Blooms July to Sept.


Sun or part sun.

Lavatera - Novella Rose

A more compact and uniform Lavatera, suitable for pots as well as borders. Grows 10"-24" high, and produces a profusion of rose colored blooms with a silvery sheen over a 3 month period.

Lavatera - Ruby Regis

An upright plant, 24"-36" high with hibiscus-like, cup-shaped magenta blooms over a long period. Prefers full sun.

Linaria - Fairy Bouquet
Toad Flax

Dainty mini-snapdragon flowers in a wide color range on dwarf plants. Excellent for borders and rock gardens.

10" high.

Sun or part shade.

Livingston Daisy - Sparkles Mix
Ice Plant

A heat-loving spreading succulent with brilliantly colored daisies that glisten when wet like ice crystals.

4" - 6' high.

Prefers full sun and dry conditions.

Lobelia - Crystal Palace

A compact plant, covered with dainty, deep blue flowers. Blooms all summer.

4" - 5" high.

Sun to part shade.

Lobelia - Regatta Mix

An excellent trailing variety for hanging baskets and planters. The earliest flowering variety with improved drought and heat tolerance. Tiny flowers in a wide range of pinks, purples and whites.

6" high x 10-15" wide.

Full sun to light shade.


Marigold - Bonanza Bolero

A compact plant with large, double, French-style blooms of golden yellow marked with red. 

10-12" high x 12-20" wide.

Marigold - Crackerjack

Giant, bushy plants with large double blooms in a wide color range.

36" - 40" high.


Marigold - Dainty Marietta

A dwarf, French, single variety with golden yellow flowers blotched in the center with maroon markings. Compact plants, blooming 'til frost. 10" tall.

Marigold - Moonsong Orange

2010 AAS winner. Large deep orange double flowers appear on strong stems all season. 

15"high and 14" wide.

Full sun.

Marigold - Safari Red

Large, double, mahogany red flowers on compact long-blooming plants. Reliable, hardy and easy to grow. 12" high. Prefers full sun.

Marigold - Tangerine Gem, Lemon Gem

Small, bright yellow or orange blooms on compact mounding plants with ferny foliage. A good edging plant.

8" - 12" high.

Full sun.

Melinis Savannah

The silky blooms begin as deep rose, unfold to pink, and shimmer in the autumn sun. They can be used in fresh or dried flower arrangements.

14" high or 30" when blooming.

Full sun.

Millium Effusium
Flashlight grass

Bright golden green grass with an upright habit.


Sun or part shade.

Monkey Flower

A bright mix of cream, yellow and red flowers that can be used in borders or pots. 

12" tall.

Prefers shade or part sun and continuous moisture.

Morning Glory - Grandpa Ott's

A beautiful Bavarian variety that has small, deep purple flowers with red stars. An heirloom dating to the 1870's.

10' climber.

Likes full sun.

Morning Glory - Heavenly Blue

The classic morning glory. Sky blue flowers that open in the morning and close in the afternoon.

Climbing 8'.

Prefers sun.

Morning Glory - Lazy Luxe Mix

A new mix of 10 colors from white to blue to violet to rosy red, creating a sparkling display. An easy to grow climber to cover fences, walls and arbors, or to beautify a trellised container.

8' high.

Full sun.

Nasturtium - Climbing and Dwarf

Single and semi double tubular flowers in shades of yellow,red, and orange. The dwarf varieties are compact and bushy, while the climbing ones can trail on the ground or be trained up a support. The leaves and flowers are edible.

Dwarf - 18" high

Climbing - 7' high

Prefer full sun.

Nemesia - Carnival

A large-flowered mixture in shades from white to deep orange to delicate pink to red or yellow. compact plants.

10" high.

Prefers cool sunny or partly shady areas.


Nemophila = Baby Blue Eyes

A small plant with ferny leaves and sky blue flowers. Used in borders, beds or pots.

4-6" high.

Prefers part shade.

Nemophylla - Penny Black

Compact mounding plants with unique, purple-black flowers edged in white. Blooms all summer. Great for edging or containers.

6' high and 10" wide.

Full or part sun.

Nicotiana - Jasmine White

The most fragrant nicotiana. Pure white starry blossoms cluster on tall, bushy plants. Blooms reliably from July to frost.

3' - 4' high.

Sun or part sun.

Nicotiana - Lemon Tree

An interesting variety with lime green trumpet-shaped blooms .

24" high.

Sun or part sun.

Nicotiana - Saratoga Mix

The shortest and earliest blooming Nicotiana available. A compact mix of 8 colors, highly recommended for container use.

12" tall.

Sun or semi-shade.

Nicotiana - Whisper Rose Shades

A new large landscape plant that blooms longer than other nicotianas. Masses of pink trumpet blooms are like a cloud above the foliage.

4' high.

Sun or part sun.

Osteospermum - Sky and Ice

Glistening pure white daisies with deep purple and blue eyes which almost glow in the dark. Bushy plants have glossy green foliage and will bloom continuously from July-October. 24" high and almost as wide. Full sun. Tolerates both heat and cold.

Oxalis - Molten Lava

A mounding plant that makes a great filler in containers. The foliage is chartreuse in shady conditions and orange in full sun. Small, yellow, daisy-like flowers appear continuously.

6" - 10" high and wide.

Part sun or sun.

Panicum - Frosted Explosion
Panic Grass

Green seed heads open to form an airy inverted cone with red tips like fireworks. They mature to a bronzy red. A lacy filler in bouquets.

30" high.

Full to part sun.


Pansy - Wonderfall Rose

A new class of Pansies that trail, especially for planters and hanging baskets. These pansies have grow larger , and have more blooms than regular Pansies. Large flowers in rose and white variations. Best treated as an annual. Prefers part to full sun. 10" tall 20" spread. Blue Picotee and Purple Shades also available.

Fountain Grass

Graceful, arching reddish flower plumes on long multiple stems.

28" high.

Full sun.



Large flowered mix of rose, lilac, red and bicolors that bloom in long spikes all season.

30" high.

Full sun.

Petunia - Blue Wave

Colourful, 2"-3" purple-blue blooms cover these spreading plants all season. Only 4"-6" tall but spreads 36"-48".

Petunia - Aladdin Orange

A grandiflora Petunia bearing large 3" blooms with wavy, ruffled petals in a rare, orange shade. Spreads out well and blooms all summer. Early, rain tolerant. 14" high.

Petunia - Baby Duck Yellow

A fast-growing trailing Petunia, with masses of small,trumpet-shaped, light yellow blooms with a darker yellow center that cover the plants. 10"-14" high by 36" wide.

Petunia - Canadian All Double Mixed

3"-5" blooms, fully double, frilled and fluted in a wide array of colours. 12" high.

Petunia - Carnival Mixed

A blend of many different varieties including bicolors, unique colours, and types with wavy petals.12"-14" high.

Petunia - Celebrity White

Compact, early- blooming plants with large, abundant white flowers that tolerate heat and humidity well. 12" high.

Petunia - Cherry Frost

Large, cherry red fringed blooms edged with a pure white halo. 14" high.

Petunia - Easy Wave - Shell Pink

Early flowering, spreading Petunia, that fills out well and looks great all season. Light pink blooms , about 2.5" across. 8"-12" high, 30" wide.

Petunia - Easy Wave Burgundy Star

Early, long-blooming Petunia with 2"-3" blooms, burgundy marked by a white star. Mounded, about 8"-12" high by 30" wide.

Petunia - Limbo Violet

An AAS winner. One of the tidiest Petunias, developed for smaller spaces. Compact plants are covered with 3" violet blooms that are maintenance - free with no need to deadhead. 7" high, 12" wide

Petunia - Milliflora Picobella mix

Replaces the Fantasy mix because of it's superior performance. Compact plants with small flowers  resembling Million Bells. A mix of 7 different colors.

8" high x 12" wide.

Full or part sun.

Petunia - Misty Lilac Wave

The lightest Wave Petunia available. Delicate, pale, pinkish-lilac flowers with white and yellow centers sparkle against the dark green cascading foliage. Excellent as a groundcover or in hanging pots. 4"-6" high, 36"-48" wide.

Petunia - Opera Supreme Pink Morn

An award- winning trailing petunia. Shimmering iridescent pink with a white throat, yellow centre and a silvery sheen. A vigorous bloomer that needs no deadheading.

6" high x 36" wide.

Full to part sun.

Petunia - Primetime Blue Star

Compact plants are loaded with lots of striking dark blue blooms with white stripes radiating from the center.

12" high.

Sun or part sun.

Petunia - Purple Pirouette

A stunning bi-colored double Petunia with giant ruffled blooms in rich shades of purple edged in white.An AAS winner. 12" high.

Petunia - Purple Wave

Colorful, 2-3" all - season blooms for planters, pots or beds.

4-6" tall x 3-4' wide.

Sun or part sun.

Petunia - Ramblin Peach Glo

Compact, early, spreading plants, ideal for hanging pots or flower beds. Bright peach blooms. 8"-10"high, 30" wide.


Petunia - Sophistica Lime Bi-Colour

A beautiful designer Petunia with an abundance of large blooms in shades of soft rose and lime. Each bloom has its own unique colour pattern. Mounded growth habit. 10"-15" tall.

Petunia - Tidal Wave Cherry

Expect mountains of colour from this vigorous grower. Vibrant, 2" cherry red flowers, will give a stunning display as a groundcover, a hedge, or in planters. They enjoy full sun and bounce back quickly after a rain. 16"-22" high if planted 12" apart. 8"-12" high and 36" wide if planted 24" apart.



Petunia - Tidal Wave Purple

Tons of bright magenta-purple flowers cover these large, high-performance plants all summer. The largest of the Waves, Tidal Waves grow 16"-22" if planted 12" apart forming a dense, shrub-like hedge. They can also be used as groundcovers or in hanging baskets, growing 8"-12" tall and spreading out 36". Maintenance-free. Prefers full sun and bounces back quickly after rain. 

Petunia - Tidal Wave Silver

Tidal Waves are the largest of the Wave series of Petunia, making them suitable for big gardens or containers. If planted close together they have a shrub-like form that can be used as a hedge 16"-22" high. If planted 24" apart they can spread to 36" with a height of 8"-12". Low maintenance, tolerating heat and rain.Silvery blooms with pink centers cover the plant all summer.

Phlox - Twinkling Beauty

Fringed, star-shaped flowers in a wide range of colors, blooming all summer long.

6"- 8" high and 8" -10" wide.

Likes hot sandy soil. Grows well in sun or part shade.

Portulaca - Happy Trails Mix
Moss Rose

A popular low-growing spreader with thick succulent stems and vibrant cup-shaped flowers in a range of colors. Blooms from spring to fall. This is a cascading variety, good in containers or as a groundcover.

9" high, 14"-18" wide.

Prefers full sun and hot dry conditions. Thrives in poor soil.

Punica Alhambra
PomegranateA novelty for garden or container. Small, bushy plants with glossy foliage and showy, orange-red tubular flowers.These are followed by edible,miniature pomegranates.Prefers full sun. 18" tall.
Purple Majesty Millet

Striking purple burgundy foliage with darker cattail-like flowers spikes. A great accent plant.

3' - 4' tall.


Rudbeckia - Becky Cinnamon Bicolour

Large 4"-6" flowers, rusty-red with golden edges, bloom in profusion on this dwarf, well-branched plant. Can be grown in containers or beds. Full sun. 8"-10" tall.

Rudbeckia - Cappuccino

Vibrant blooms of gold and mahogany blanket these bushy well- branched plants from late summer on, providing non-stop colour.

Heat-loving, full-part sun. 18"-20" tall, 14"-16" wide.

Rudbeckia - Prairie Sun

An All American Award winner. A fast growing plant with large, 5" daisy flowers, golden yellow petals with a lime green centre eye.

Can be grown in beds or containers. A good cut flower. Full sun. 36" high.

Painted Tongue, Velvet Flower

Large, exotic, trumpet shaped flowers that are heavily netted and veined with a contrasting color. They appear in a variety of colors on bushy plants and bloom all season.

20" - 30" high.

Full sun or part sun.

Salvia - Fairy Queen

Long-blooming spikes of attractive, bicolour, sapphire-blue florets each sprinkled with a white dot. Bushy, compact plants for containers or mass plantings. Full sun. 18" tall. 

Salvia - Summer Jewel

A 2011 multi-award winner. A compact plant with true red flowers that will bloom from early summer to frost if kept deadheaded.

20" tall.

Likes full sun or part shade.


Creeping Zinnia

Masses of small yellow, double flowers with a dark center, bloom on spreading plants. Used as ground covers, in beds or as fillers in containers. Vigorous and dependable color.

This year I also have an orange variety.

4" high.

Full sun. 


Schizanthus - Angel Wings
Poor Man's Orchid

Orchid - like blooms in a vast array of colors, with ferny foliage. A compact plant, 12" high. Prefers cool weather and part shade.

Silene Electra

A self-seeding annual wildflower with vibrant carmine-pink umbels of flowers.


Full sun.

Snapdragon - Little Darling

Spikes of ruffled florets in a fine assortment of colors. An All American Award winner. Compact,free flowering all summer.

10" - 12".

Prefers full sun but tolerates part shade.

Snapdragon - Tetra Mix

A tall mix of large flowers in bicolors for garden or cutting.

28" high.

Sun or part sun.

Statice - Sinuata Mix

One of the most popular flowers for drying, retaining its colour in winter bouquets. Lovely,large sprays of small, delicate, papery blooms in a wide color range borne profusely during summer and early fall. 24"-32" high. Needs full sun and tolerates heat and drought.

Sweet Peas

Old fashioned fragrant climbers with beautiful, colorful flowers. They bloom from July to frost.

7' high.

Sun or part sun.

Black Eyed Susan Vine

A climber for hanging baskets, trellises, or ground cover. Vines have a mixture of orange, yellow and cream colored blooms.


Sun or light shade.


Mexican Sunflower

Large, bright orange flowers on sturdy dark green plants. Blooms from Aug. until frost.

36" high.

Sun or part sun.

Venidium - Zulu Prince

Large, exotic, sunflower-like blooms, white with black inner ring. The foliage is a soft silvery green.

24" high.

Full sun.

Verbena - Desert Jewels

An improved trailing variety with dark green, lacy foliage and a sparkling range of colours from carmines, pinks, purples to white.

Early, vigorous, heat and drought tolerant. Full - part sun. 8" high, 20" wide.

Verbena - Imagination

This outstanding award winner blooms reliably from spring to fall. It has beautiful lacy foliage and is covered with clusters of intense purple flowers. Its growth habit is trailing, and it is ideal for planters and hanging baskets.

10" - 12" high and 18" - 20" wide.

Full or part sun.

Vinca - Cora Cascade Mix

A vigorous trailing plant with glossy green leaves and extra large flowers in a blend of lilac, cherry, magenta, polka dot white and peach. 32" spread. Likes dryness.

Vinca Cora Violet

This plant has glossy, dark green leaves with large flowers. It looks somewhat similar to Impatiens, but does well in full sun.

14"-18" high.

Full sun.


Vinca Pacifica Burgundy Halo

Vivid, bicolour blooms with a burgundy halo surrounding a large white centre. An All American Award winner. Heat and drought tolerant. Full sun. A mounded, upright growth habit. 12" tall.

Viola - Velour Mix

An early all-season bloomer that resists stretching in hot weather, but may benefit from being cut back in June. Small blooms in a wide range of colours on compact mounding plants. Useful for massing, edging, rock gardens, or pots. Likes full-part sun. 4"-6" high. Hardy to Zone 5.


Wood Oats

Flat, silvery green spikelets maturing to bronze wave on long stems. Excellent for fresh or dry flower arranging.

36" high.

Prefers light shade but will grow in sun. Tolerant of drought. Can be grown as a half hardy perennial.

Zinnia - Giants of California

Largest of all zinnias with mammoth double blooms in an excellent color range. Good for cutting.

28" high.

Full sun.

Zinnia - Magellan Coral

An AAS award winner. Short, bushy plants are covered all season with large salmon pink blooms. Loves heat and drought.

12" high and wide.

Full sun.

Zinnia - Zahara Starlight Rose

A 2010 AAS award winner. A dwarf zinnia for gardens or planters, blooming non-stop all summer. Large, striking, gleaming white flowers with rose markings. Heat and drought resistant.

12" high and wide.

Full sun.